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Why Essential Sprays

Essential Sprays was born out of necessity. A need to help the public access dental products that aren’t just affordable, but provide instant relief without any risks of side effects.

Our 100% natural dry mouth spray is designed in line with thousands of patient consultations. The formulation was aligned with the primary needs and requirements of the patients suffering from common dental health issues.

Plus, we’ve gone the extra mile to create the product using organic ingredients such as aloe vera, and coconut oil, and natural sugars extracted from plants, such as xylitol.

All of these ingredients form a powerful safeguard against the risk of developing dental cavities and yeast infections. It’s a day and night spray for fast relief. And it comes in a 2 fl. oz. bottle, which means you can just about take it anywhere you want.

Dual Functionality

Along with being a natural dry mouth relief spray, you can also use the product as a non-addicting way to freshen your breath. Pretty handy when you’re late for a meeting, out at a party, etc. It has a sweet, minty flavor thanks to xylitol (a natural sugar extracted from plants).

And it doesn’t cause that burning sensation that’s notoriously associated with most quality mouth fresheners out there.

Some Quick Reasons How the Product Will Help You

  • Instant relief from dry mouth symptoms

  • Keeps your breath fresh

  • Lowers the risk of tooth decay and cavities

  • Helps make swallowing and speaking easier

  • Keeps your gums and tissues hydrated for a longer period

  • Non-Addictive

  • Keeps your mouth hydrated at night

  • Comes in a portable glass bottle (reusable and recyclable)

  • Made in the USA

The formula for the dry mouth spray was developed by Dr. Shane Cope (DDS, MSD), a renowned dentist with 15 years of clinical practice, specializing in oral medicine, orofacial pain, and periodontics.

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